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Saturday, May 13, 2006

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Selected Resources on Cluster Initiatives:

What's New About Clusters:

- Professor Michael Porter was in Libya recently, delivering a competitiveness strategy to the North African State trying to come out of decades of economic isolation. (more on that later)
- IEDC's Tech-Led Conference is scheduled to take place May 21-23, 2006 in San Jose, CA.

Important Cluster Resources:
- Council on Competitiveness [click].
- Institute of Strategy and Competitiveness, HBS [click].
- The Competitiveness Institute [click].
- TBED Resource Center [click].
- Web Book of Regional Science [click].

Important Papers on Cluster Theory:

The following are a combination of more practitioner-oriented (especially those by Michael Porter) and the more economist-oriented theory papers. Osama and Rosenthal are good reviews of the theoretical literature. Feldman is a good review of emerging empirical evidence. Maskell and Malmberg highlight controversies in cluster theory.

- Competitive Advantage of Nations, Michael E. Porter. [click].
- What Do We Know About Economic Clusters: A Critical Review of Theory, Evidence, and Practice, Osama and Popper (forthcoming). [Available from author. Email me for a copy].
- Knowledge Spillovers and the Geography of Innovation, Audtretsch and Feldman. [click].
- The New Economics of Innovation, Spillovers and Agglomeration, Feldman. [click].
- Old and new theories of industry clusters, Edward Feser. [Available from author. Email me for a copy].
- (How) Do (Firms in) Clusters Create Knowledge?, Malmberg and Power. [click].
- Next to Production or to Technological Clusters? Miriani. [click].
- What Qualifies as a Cluster Theory? Maskell and Kebir. [click].
- Geographically Localized Knowledge: Spillovers or Markets? Zucker, Darby, and Armstrong. [click].
- Location, Competition, and Economic Development: Local Clusters in Global Economy, Michael E. Porter. [Available from author. Email me for a copy].
- Clusters and Competition: New Agendas for Companies, Governments and Institutions, Michael E. Porter. [click].
- The Micro-Empirics of Agglomeration Economies, Stuart Rosenthal. [click].

Examples of Cluster Strategies:

Multi-Cluster Studies:

- Survey of the Characterization of Regional Clusters: Initial Results, Michael Enright. [click].
- The Demography of Clusters: First Findings from Clusters Meta Study, Claas van der Linde. [click].

On Cluster Policies:

- The Cluster Initiatives Greenbook, Solvell, Lindquist, and Ketels. [click].
- Regional Economic Development: Exploring the ‘Role of Government’ in Porter’s Industrial Cluster Theory, Mark Wickham. [click].
- The Cluster Policies Whitebook, Andersson, Sorvik, and Hansson. [click].
- The Evaluation of Regional Innovation and Cluster Policies: Looking for New Approaches, Angeles-Diez and Esteban. [click].
- Developing Cluster Policies in Seven European Regions, Philip Raines. [click].

Cluster Practitioner Manuals:

- Planning For Clusters, UK Department of Environment, Transport and Regions (DETR). [click].
- A Practical Guide to Cluster Development, UK Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). [click].
- Cluster-Based Economic Development: A Key To Regional Competitiveness, Economic Development Administration (EDA). [click].
- A Governors’ Guide to Cluster-based Economic Development, National Governors' Association (NGA). [click].

Detailed Bibliographies on Economic Clusters:

- Theoretical & Empirical Evidence on Clusters, Compiled by: Athar Osama. [click].
- Economic Clusters in Practice and Policy. Compiled by: Athar Osama. [click].

Major International Cluster Initiatives:

Malaysia -- Malaysia Multi-Media Super Corridor. [click].
Jordan -- The Jordan National Competitiveness Team. [click].

Major Cluster Initiatives in US States:

In alphabetical order:

Arizona: Governor's Initiative [GSPED]. Public Agency[AZ Commerce]. Public-Private[AZ Tech. Council]. Studies [ICDP].

California: Public-Agency [California Strategy Panel]. Studies [Regional Economies Project].

Connecticut: Public-Agency [DCED]. Studies [Progress Reports].

Ohio: Legislation [SB 236]. Public-Agency [Ohio Third Frontier Project]. Public-Private [Nortech]. Studies [NE Ohio's TBED Strategy].

Oregon: OR Cluster Strategy [Strategy PPT]. Public-Agency [Oregon DECD]. Public-Private [OR Clusters]. [OR Business Council]. Studies [Statistical Study].

Rhode Island: Cluster Strategy [Innovation @ Scale]. Public-Agency [RIEDC]. Public Private [BIF].

Texas: Governor's Initiative [Industry Cluster Initiative]. Public-Agency [Workforce Commission]. Studies [Assessments & Reports].

Utah: Public-Agency [OED]. Studies & Reports [Blog].

Wisconsin: Cluster Strategy [WI Clusters]. Public-Agency [Dept. of Commerce].

Selected Consulting Companies Providing Cluster Advice (alphabetical order):

Angelou Economics [click], ANGLE Technology Group [click], Battelle - Technology and Policy Practice [click], Collaborative Economics [click], Competitiveness Institute [click], Development Alternatives Inc. [click], Economic and Planning Systems [click], [click], Economic Development Research Group [click], Economic Modeling Specialists [click], Economic Strategy Institute [click], ICF Consulting [click], KMK Consulting [click], Monitor Group [click], New Economy Strategies [click], Northstar Economics [click], Research Triangle Institute [click], Regional Technology Strategies [click], SRI International - CSTED [click].

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